Along the Gypsy Caravan

Trammeled earth underneath

and dust

swirls behind a file of travelers,

en route to the next oasis.


Ancient traditions reveal in the light

of shared purpose

subjugating personal conflict

to the whims of motion.


Mules walk alongside men

carrying loads destined as dowrys

for mercurial women singing

falsettos of hope, desire, virginity.


Children dance among loose hens

and furry goats

while mothers keep a watchful eye

lest one stray.


Wrinkly-faced men recount bygone battles

between swigs of some raw brew,

chuckles easing the load of destiny

on scarred feet.


When the dust settles

there is no trace of the passing group

save the faint smell of manure

and a hymn of hope

passed down the line.



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