Trauma Feet

Hum-drumming the patient


respecting image quality

transducer in hand

the sonographer photographs.


The pager rings

not once but twice,

separated by thirty seconds.


“Trauma ETA 10 mins,”

it reads.

The pace of work expedites,

no time for beauty.


Around the corner and down the elevator,

chit-chatting with a coworker,

the sonographer

navigates hallways deftly

to arrive at the trauma bay.


Trauma doors open-

the pateint’s bare feet protrude from

under sheets on the gurney.


Pandemonium ensues.


Doctors, nurses, and techs juggle

IV lines, respirators, and orders.

“X-Ray abdomen”


“X-Ray pelvis”


“Ultrasound Ready”

Jelly, transducer, and gloves take

images ingrained from memory.



Regardless of result,

the machinery exits while the patient remains,

in the care of the medical team.



red and moving


underneath the sheets

in the trauma bay.

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