The Man with the Broom

I screamed out in frustration

at the layers of bureaucracy

impeding my path.


Only to realize

the more I screamed

the more the man with horn-rimmed glasses

sitting at his sterile desk

punching numbers on a screen

tuned me out.


“Maybe I could work faster,

or harder,

or more efficiently,”

I questioned.


I saw the future-

fast cars,


supermodel dates, and caviar.


That day after work

I ran as I always



Six miles of sweat, bikinis, and

a pounding heart

brought me back

to the place I belong within myself-

away from the noise of orders

and heat of expectations.


I let the woman I love know

I would be home soon

and to feed the dog.


Thirsty as hell

I entered the drive thru at 7:30 p.m.

and noticed an elderly man with a cap

sweeping leaves between lanes of pavement.


Perfectly happy,

perfectly calm,

and completely engaged

in his work,

beholden only to the wind

he reminded me of placid lake water

on a summer morning.

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