Turning to Her Eyes

The miner has an axe

to wield

when lonely or tired.

Lungs full of soot

and sweating to the bone

he knows the next swing will be

like the last, and a day’s work

will be measured in

ounces of profit.

The oil man drills deep

into the earth

to provide

the energy we use to build

over the same land

that has been drilled.

When I’m tired and jaded

I turn to her.

Her eyes have been on me,

since the day I took her

from mom and dad.

Even when she’s not there

as she is now,

I feel her affection.

Her eyes pore into mine, and I feel

love, warmth, and affection

seep through my widening pores

from across the room.

I can sleep well tonight knowing

my furry friend is at ease.

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