How To Limit Mistakes by Being More Aware

Let’s say you lose your car keys. Or you put paper the wrong way in the fax machine. Or you forget to take the bikes off the roof-rack before pulling into the garage.

We all make mistakes; some more serious than others. Too often, however, we let the small errors compound into bigger ones by not being aware of how we made the mistake in the first place. Usually the cause comes down to being absent in the moment.

Fantasizing about food or wondering what the boss’s reaction to missing your deadline will be are examples of not being in the moment. The workplace system is conducive to not being in the moment. Workers, at least in the first world, are encouraged to always plan ahead, never leaving time to actually engage in the task at hand. Mistakes occur because we are not aware of our behavior in the moment. By practicing awareness everyday we can avoid the little mistakes before they compound into bigger ones and cost us our job, our house, or our life.

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